Freelancer’s access to your account

Friends! There is an opportunity to invite a recruiter to your account, so that this recruiter would not see the whole database, but could connected up for the work only with some vacancies.
Снимок экрана от 2015-08-03 17:03:01

Therefore, he sees and can work only with those vacancies that he added by himself or those he has been made a responsible. He will also see clients and all candidates of his vacancies only, but not the whole database. There is a special role «Freelancer» has been added in CleverStaff for this. «SoftServe» and «Indigo» companies was interested in this function. This is the fifth role in CleverStaff software.

This will allow companies to cooperate effectively and safely with recruiters-freelancers in CleverStaff without worrying about leakage of valuable information, and at the same time easy to control and exchange the information that is necessary for work.

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