Bulk resume upload in CleverStaff

Many of our users have already tried the function of the bulk upload resume in CleverStaff, though we are announcing this service only now.

It works intellectually just as upload of one resume or receiving of resume by mail.

Each resume is processed by the algorithm which recognizes important data in resume (CV parsing). Name, position, town, contacts (phone, email, skype), date of birth are being taken from the resume and are being filled by the new added candidate. Before adding of each candidate CleverStaff searches him in your database. In case he has been found, he will not be added again and his profile will be supplemented.

On the candidates page there is a link to the page of bulk resume upload. File with resume has to be packed in zip-archive and to be sent through this page. Resume files in formats of doc, docx, pdf, rtf, odt are being quickly processed from archive and are being added to your account on behalf of user who loaded them.

During beta testing our users have been loaded successfully 90 archives of resume to the date (28 of July 2015). And all this despite the fact that we didn’t announce launching of this function. It has been appeared gently in the interface.
Now we are pleased to announce the full work of another very effective way to increase quickly your candidates database in CleverStaff!

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