May updates

The summer has come! And we write about the May updates of CleverStaff.

1. Finally a payment page with the history of payments has been appeared.
2. Now you can remove the candidate from the vacancy.
3. The feature loading logo has been improved. Now they are accepted only in the most suitable form for social networks — square and a certain size.
4. There is Company settings has been appeared on the company page. Here the administrator can set the logo and change the company name. In the future there will be more opportunities for settings.
5. Improved search of candidates while maintaining contacts from LinkedIn, and now candidate profile are being complemented better. This is our new users from contributed this improvement of CS.
6. Increased severity of recommendations of candidates for the vacancy.
7. And a few small usability improvements also by tips from our users.
Work continues! We still have a lot of tasks for development the CleverStaff.


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