Dear friends, we continue updating CleverStaff interface. The menu of the user interface has already become more refined and convenient — our next step is to improve searching on the candidates database.

Now, the candidates search in CleverStaff is not only quick and accurate tool, but also is a cute one :) Certainly, we didn`t limit ourselves to its exterior, and reinforced the service with some improvements. (далее…)


After the EU introduced the new rules (GDPR) aimed to protect personal information of its citizens, professionals who worked with personal data, faced the need to do a lot of additional actions to comply with the requirements of the Regulation. This greatly complicated all data operating processes because now you ought to have the unequivocal consent of the data subjects to even store someone else’s name and contact information in your database.

We’ve solved the problem of communication with candidates by automating the request of a candidate’s permission to store and process his/her personal data and all further actions based on the result. All the features needed for this are already added to the system — you need only to click a few buttons.



Dear friends!

Today, on June 18, 2018, we have changed the structure of tariffs in our recruiting automation system. There are three tariff plans now: Standard, Corporate and Enterprise. Corporate and Enterprise plans as previously mean individual pricing rates and customizations, including developing exclusive features. Standard is new name for our most popular plan Team Work. Its options, pricing and other conditions stay the same though.         


New interface in CleverStaff ATS system

Dear friends, our dedicated team continues updating the CleverStaff interface appearance. The long-expected improvements are already here!

The user interface looks crisp and classy now. We have also changed some details in it to make your work in the system more convenient and effective.


фото для обложки

Dear friends, we have implemented an option to delete any personal data from CleverStaff system. Basically, it was because the new European Union personal data protection legislation (GDPR) came into action in May 25. Meanwhile, users not affected by the Regulation benefit from the new features too.

Now you can remove the selected data in your account and even the whole account completely in just a couple of clicks. It will help you to keep the CV database and your entire account filled with up to date information only. Certainly, to meet all the requirements of the privacy policy as well.


CleverStaff is GDPR comliant ats

The world is on the verge of the new age of digital safety. May 25, 2018 is the date when the General Data Protection Regulation by the EU law becomes enforceable. The GDPR requires all the commercial entities operating personal data of the EU citizens to manage, store and defend it properly. The GDPR replaces the outdated Data Protection Directive which was used since 1995 and did not match the real life conditions.


Dear friends, our team has improved the interface of the payment page and added the new feature — Invoice Generation. Now you can get the invoice by yourself right in your interface in a few minutes; you need to fill in your company data only once.


Dear friends, our team have started to improve the convenience and beauty of the interface. We have redesigned the appearance of the invitation window for new users and the «Reports» tab.


We’ve added such improvements:


In the new and improved version we added: