Tests module: new features and improvements

Probably, you have heard about our «Test Module» feature, and you have had time to appreciate its convenience. Now, you don’t have to use special resources for creating and sending tests for candidates by email, you can do it in the CleverStaff!

The idea came to us from our users in Avon company and we decided to make improvements inTests module’, such as:

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Prepaid period recalculation when adding/removing users

We added a new feature: ‘billing’. It allows you automatically recalculate the prepaid period when the number of active users in the account is changing, and track all the changes yourself. This feature is available for ‘TEAMWORK’ plan only.

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New feature: ‘Custom fields’

We added the ‘Custom fields’ feature which allows to add your own fields to vacancies, candidate profiles, and client data. If you didn’t find the appropriate fields in the system, you can add them by yourself without contacting our developers.

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How to use the database search & filters effectively

When you use the database search filters correctly, the accuracy and the quality of your search request grow significantly. We will describe how to use the database search in your account on 100%.

You are able to apply search filters to vacancies, candidates and clients.

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Users roles and features that are available to them

Some users don`t understand the differences between roles in the system.

In this note, we will describe in details all available user roles in the CleverStaff account, the differences in capabilities, access levels, and which data is visible for every role.

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