Adaptive interface

Adaptive interface

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Customizable Features That Work Your Way

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Grow Your Database Instantly

Find & add candidates in seconds. Integrate in 1 click.

Upload any-format-CVs and CleverStaff converts it into a structured & searchable candidate record.Say goodbye to manual data entry.

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Applicant Tracking System

One place to estimate, track, and discuss candidates.

Change the system accurately for your needs. Edit the hiring funnel, database and forget about redundant data.

Prepare auto-emails preliminary and choose when candidates receive your reply as they walk through your recruiting process.

Don't get distracted when you need to plan your interviews and meetings. Do it directly from CleverStaff via Google Calendar integration.

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Recruitment Automation

Forget about routine and save up to 45% of time.

Prepare vacancy reports for your boss/client in seconds. No more boring stuff: we will do it for you.

Track each stage within your workflow and visualize it. Find bottlenecks and fix them.

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Advanced Features

Extra features for those who need more

HR Module

Hire people and store your employees’ personal data with all records and documents in one place.

Candidates database backup

Lost any data or deleted candidates? No worries! We'll back up your database to the version you need.

Clients' access to your account & reports

Prepare vacancies' reports for your boss/client in seconds and custom access to your account for them so they could review everything without your participation.

Integrations, customizations and API

Integrate CleverStaff with your website, or any another software by your developers via CleverStaff API. Or, we'll do it for you.

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