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FriendW*rk FriendW*rk CleverStaff CleverStaff
Export of databasepaid1 free iteration 1 free iteration
Criteria of candidates search The search criteria in FriendW*rk are: responsible recruiter, salary, source of adding, work experience, tags, region, place of work, type of employment, driver’s licence, age etc. The search criteria in CleverStaff are: CV text and contacts (Boolean Search), first name and last name, region, position, occupation, work experience, salary, type of employment, gender, source of adding, status, responsible recruiter, tags, languages, language proficiency etc.
History of changes: vacancies, candidates, users
Sending emails to candidates and clients from the interface directly
Sending candidates’ CVs via email
Export of candidates database to Excel file Available depending on the tariff plan. Transferring the history of actions and comments to Excel file is impossible.
Adjustable stages of recruiting Only with the help of support team.
Tests Module for creating tests and sending them to candidates
Import of CV files from email inbox
Custom fields addition option
Search on clients


Powerful Search

CleverStaff ATS has the advanced searching tool Boolean Search which uses logical operators «AND/OR/NOT», brackets for grouping parameters and quotation marks for searching several words combined.

The search is also available on criteria like status, skills (+ their evaluation), personal contacts availability, city, languages (+ their levels) etc.
Полный спектр кастомизации

Full range of customization

You can add your own custom fields to the vacancy description, profiles of candidates and client data if there are no necessary ones by default.

Moreover, you can adjust vacancy stages by yourself in just a few clicks. FriendW*rk allows one to do it contacting tech support only.
Модуль тестов

Tests Module

There’s no need to create tests for candidates using external tools and send them to each candidate via email anymore. You can do it all right in the ATS now.

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