We have 8 improvements and one announcement by now.

The summer has come at last! Yet we are writing about May updates of CleverStaff ATS.

What’s good happened to CleverStaff in April?

There are some new features of CleverStaff appeared in the recent weeks.

Integration with Google Calendar has been restored and improved.

  Yes, it has happened at last! Now you can give to your client access to your CleverStaff account.

Dear recruiters, Watch the video about amazing integration of CleverStaff with LinkedIn. You can search candidates and save them to your database in one click right in the LinkedIn interface. A very useful…

We have implemented the possibility to create colourful stickers in the CleverStaff organizer. It is convenient for marking important notes and reminders. Enjoy

Who’s interested in quick and easy sending an email with the list of candidates for a vacancy?

Recruiting funnel

It is widely known sales funnel applied to recruitment. Recruiting funnel is based on the overall number of candidates for the vacancy and its change while they are…

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